A little bit about me.

Yep... That's me the crazy girl to your right. I like to think of myself as a free spirit. I'm the type of person who does and says what I think. I've never been good at drawing or painting. I'm the type of girl that colors outside the lines on purpose. I've always had a creative eye when it comes to photography. I knew that being  a photographer was what I wanted to do since 10th grade. I've had some rocky times in life but photography has always switched things around. Taking pictures is somewhat of a therapy for me . I love meeting all the new people and seeing everyone's different bonds with one another.

I am now 22 years old , married to my middle school sweetheart , and have a beautiful three year old boy. My son is the purpose behind this all he shows me everyday that dreams do come true and to never give up on my dream. I always tell everyone that one day you will see my name in lights, and that will forever be my goal in life.

Life is a canvas and my camera is the paint brush. 


I shoot, I develop, I edit , I print.

Apertures,Shutters,Lens and Flashes

18 hours of work days come and go.

Clients and Families I juggle it all

Beautiful pixels, Megapixels

Focus this , Focus that

Working on my computer till 4 AM

Objects in my viewfinder make me smile

Photography is my passion.

It is my calling and I LOVE IT!!!

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